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Le Centre d’échange d’informations sur l’accès et le partage des avantages (CE-APA) es tune plateforme pour échanger de l’information sur l’APA ainsi qu’un outil clé pour faciliter la mise en oeuvre du Protocole de Nagoya. En savoir plus

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21 mars 2023 ABS-23-001-A

To discover and understand novel proteins isolated from various marine microorganisms.

17 mars 2023 Ms. Sandeep Singh

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16 mars 2023 Mr. Marcial C. Amaro, Jr.

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16 janv. 2023 CABI Switzerland's Best Practice for Access and Benefit Sharing Compliance

Contents 1. CABI’s ABS Policy and Best Practices 1 1.1 How CABI uses genetic material 1 1.2 Benefits CABI provides from its use of genetic material 2 2. Swiss legislation in relation to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) 2 3. CABI’s Best Practices and implementation in Switzerland 2 3.1 Accessing genetic resources for use (in situ) 3 3.2 Receiving biological and genetic resources from collaborators, collections or other providers (ex situ) 5 3.3 Transferring genetic material and/or resources outside of CABI 5 3.4 Enforcement and compliance 5 Annex 1: A glossary of useful terms and their definitions 6 Annex 2. Decision tree outlining the general steps of the CABI best practice. 8 Annex 3. CABI genetic resources database with an example entry 9 Annex 4. CABI generic MTA for supply of genetic resources 10

17 déc. 2022 BROGOTA PROJECT ABS AROUND THE WORLD: The Brazilian law contrasted with international regulations (Dec 2022)

New updated edition of this comprehensive global survey of national ABS regulations, highlights the continuous progress in the establishment and implementation of national ABS regulations around the world.

Virtual Library Resource absch-vlr-scbd-262696-3
12 déc. 2022 Wellcome Sanger Institute Best Practice - the Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)

This document has been produced in order to provide assurance to Nagoya Protocol member states, regulators, researchers, collaborators and peers, that the Wellcome Sanger Institute has initiated and carries out appropriate processes and procedures to enable compliance with global Access and Benefit Sharing (hereafter; ABS) measures and compliance with the UK ABS legislation5 implementing the Nagoya Protocol1 for scientific research undertaken. Within this document are the tools, processes and procedures, comprising Institute policy, that when employed correctly staff and associates of the Wellcome Sanger Institute can be confident that they are conducting their research in accordance with the UK ABS legislation and in turn, ABS legislation in force globally.


The Bio-Cultural Community Protocol of the Ogiek peoples provides an insight into important social and cultural values of our people. It highlights and documents our traditional knowledge, way of life, customary laws and the key elements of Free Prior Informed Consent (FPIC) when engaging with external actors such as government, research Institutions, pharmaceutical companies and other private investors.