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National Report (NR)

Article 29 of the Nagoya Protocol requires Parties to monitor implementation of their obligations under the Protocol, at intervals and in the format to be determined by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Protocol (COP-MOP).

The COP-MOP at its first meeting requested Parties to the Protocol to submit an interim national report on the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol twelve months prior to the third meeting of the COP-MOP, being the deadline for submissions the 1st November 2017. The decision also welcomes submissions of relevant information by Non-Parties. Click here for more information on the submission of the interim national report.

The report consists on a series of questions based on the provisions of the Protocol that establish obligations for its Parties, where countries can provide information on the measures taken to implement those obligations and share experiences on implementation.

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16 AUG 2017     REMINDER NOTIFICATION: Submission of the Interim National Report

23 FEB 2017     NOTIFICATION: Submission of the Interim National Report and Publication of Information on the ABS Clearing-House


Rapport Date limite Nombre de parties 
À la date limite
CBD – AFR CBD – Asie CBD – ECE CBD – GRULAC CBD – WEOG Par Parties* Par Non-Parties* TOTAL
ABS - Interim National Report on the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol | en | fr | es | ru | ar | zh 01 nov. 2017 100 40 22 10 14 15 93 8 101
* Statut de Partie à la date limite de soumission du rapport

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Institutional structures for the implementation of the Protocol
ABS measures : Access to genetic resources (Article 6)
ABS measures : Fair and equitable benefit-sharing (Article 5)
ABS measures : Compliance with domestic legislation or regulatory requirements on ABS (Article 15 and Article 16) and monitoring the utilization of genetic resources (Article 17)
ABS measures :- Compliance with mutually agreed terms (MAT) (Article 18)
Special considerations (Article 8)
Provisions related to indigenous and local communities (Articles 6, 7 and 12)
Contribution to conservation and sustainable use (Article 9)
Transboundary cooperation (Article 11)
Model contractual clauses, codes of conduct, guidelines and best practices and/or standards (Article 19 and 20)
Awareness-raising and capacity (Article 21 and 22)
Technology transfer, collaboration and cooperation (Article 23)
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Comments on the reporting format