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20 Jan 2021

Webinar - 11 Feb 2021 Webinar 3: Policy options for ABS and DSI

20 Jan 2021

video DSI Simply Explained

24 Nov 2020

Handout Contribution of ABS to the Sustainable Development Goals

11 Nov 2020

3 webinars held on Dec 1, 9 and first quarter 2021 Webinar series on DSI on genetic resources

19 Oct 2020

Five online sessions held from 29th October until 25 November. Let's celebrate the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the Nagoya Protocol

24 Sep 2020

UEBT Online Conference Sourcing with Respect

04 Feb 2020

ABSCH IAC Informal Advisory Committee meeting report posted!

08 Jan 2020

ABS PROCEDURES WEBINAR Webinars on publishing ABS rules and procedures to be held in February 2020. SIGN UP NOW!

09 Dec 2019

Now available in Russian! Video: Monitoring the Utilization of Genetic Resources under the Nagoya Protocol Simply Explained