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The Access and Benefit-sharing Clearing-House (ABSCH) is a platform for exchanging information on access and benefit-sharing and is a key tool to facilitate the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol. Learn more

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13 Jan 2022

Ms. Mery Ciacci

Policy Officer Directorate-General Environment, Unit F3 - Global Environmental Cooperation and Multilateralism European Commission Office BRE2 7/DCS 1049 Brussels

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23 Dec 2021

Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources guidelines for Data Accessibility and Benefit-Sharing.

Editorial guidelines for authors of Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources for reporting Data Accessibility and Benefit-Sharing.

21 Dec 2021

Facing the Harsh Reality of Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Legislation (Nov 2021)

In the second paper, authors representing different industry sectors such as pharma, plant breeding, food and feed, flavours and fragrances, and personal care outline the challenges of the private sector with the current implementation of ABS. This paper aims at enabling a better understanding of the practical realities encountered by industrial users, and is hoped to stimulate constructive discussions on how to address these challenges, and how best to support conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.

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21 Dec 2021

A need for Recalibration of the Discussions on Access and Benefit Sharing (Sep 2021)

In the first paper, authors from academia, industry and the financial sector have joined forces and call for a “recalibration” of the international discussions on ABS, i.e. to carefully review the functioning of the current implementation of ABS and to redesign the ABS approach, to safeguard the creation and sharing of value.

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