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About the ABS Clearing-House (11)

23 Nov 2021
Relationship between the three Clearing-Houses of the Convention

The Convention has three clearing-house mechanisms:the main clearing-house mechanism of the Conventi

23 Nov 2021
"Joint Modalities of Operation" for the CBD clearing-houses

At the fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP 14) to the Convention on Biological

30 May 2019
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For information or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to hear from

16 Oct 2018
Are Parties required by the Protocol to have a national ABS Clearing-House?

Developing a national ABS Clearing-House is not a requirement of the Protocol. However, if a country

15 Oct 2018
Training and workshops

The CBD Secretariat organizes webinars, trainings and workshops to build capacity for the use of the

15 Oct 2018
The application programming interface (API)

Paragraph 1(c) of the modalities of operation of the ABS Clearing-House (decision NP-1/2, annex) pro

10 Oct 2018
What does the ABS Clearing-House do?

Facilitates connections between users and providers of genetic resources and associated traditional

10 Oct 2018
Who is the ABS Clearing-House for?

Parties and Non-PartiesBy publishing national information on the ABS Clearing-House, Parties to the

09 Oct 2018
What is the ABS Clearing-House?

In practical terms, ABS Clearing-House is a website, administered by the CBD Secretariat and establi

09 Oct 2018
About the ABS Clearing-House

The Access and Benefit-sharing Clearing-House (ABS Clearing-House, ABSCH) is a platform for exchangi

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