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12 авг 2022
How do I share search results and published records with others?

The  “Share” feature of the Search page allows users to share search results or a single record

23 ноя 2021
How do I save my searches?

 “My saved searches” feature, available on the Search page, allows users to store search filter sele

23 ноя 2021
Where can I find information on National Reports?

The information and formats on National Reports can be accessed in several places:On the Dashboard o

23 ноя 2021
Reporting a problem with a record in the Clearing-House

If you find an issue with a record that was published in the Clearing-House, you can alert the Secretariat thro

23 ноя 2021
How do I use the Date filter?

The Date filter appears as the Global Filter on top of the Search page and also as a Sub-filter for

23 ноя 2021
Removing filters

There are several ways to remove Global Filters:Each Global Filter you select will appear above the

23 ноя 2021
Отображение результатов поиска

Группирование и сортировкаС помощью кнопок, расположенных в правом верхнем углу страницы «Поиск», по

23 ноя 2021
What does the “Compare” button mean?

The Compare button is seen when you open a record on the Search page or from the summary list that i

23 ноя 2021
Viewing record history

To view the history of a record of interest:On the Dashboard, click on the ‘list’ icon or directly o

23 ноя 2021
How can I search by Record Number?

The record number is a part of the record unique identification (UID) code. It is a unique number th

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