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Механизм посредничества для регулирования доступа к генетическим ресурсам и совместного использования выгод (МП-ДГРСИВ) — это платформа для обмена информацией по вопросам доступа к генетическим ресурсам и совместного использования выгод и основной инструмент, содействующий осуществлению Нагойского протокола. Узнать больше


30 мая 2023
ABSCH Q&A Webinar on Community Protocols and Customary Laws Recording Available Now!

Every month the ABS Clearing-House Team hosts a question and answer webinar on a different topic. Th

04 мая 2023
ABSCH Q&A Webinar on Community Protocols and Customary Laws

24 May 2023 - 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m EST

11 апр 2023

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Checkpoint Communiqué Japan absch-cpc-jp-264402-1
31 мая 2023 DJ-C-1-2023-0035

En esta investigación se pretende hacer un acercamiento al posible origen de los magueyes hispaniolanos, su relación con los magueyes continentales mexicanos y esclarecer el escenario molecular de la cantidad de especies para la hispaniola, con el objetivo de reconstruir la filogenia de los magueyes hispaniolanos usando como marcadores moleculares al gen Mayahuelina y otros genes de la familia de las RIPs (Proteínas inactivadoras de los ribosomas); Establecer el parentesco entre los magueyes hispanos y de América continental a nivel molecular; Explicar el origen y tiempo de diversificación de los magueyes de la Hispaniola a partir de sus ancestros mexicanos, centroamericanos y del Norte de Sudamérica más reciente y luego elaborar las claves de identificación para los magueyes de la Hispaniola.

31 мая 2023 Mr. Haroon Mohamoud

ABS National Focal Point

31 мая 2023 Mr. Kadir Çokçetin

CBD National Focal Point | ABS National Focal Point

National Focal Point Türkiye chm-nfp-tr-249019-20

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03 апр 2023 Report Queensland Biodiscovery Collaboration The Griffith University AstraZeneca Partnership for Natural Product Discovery An Access & Benefit Sharing Case Study (Jan 2008)

In 1993, the Australian State of Queensland's Griffith University formed a partnership with Astra Pharmaecuticals to pursue a natural product (NP) drug discovery programme under the banner of the Queensland Pharmaceutical Research Institute (QPRI). This partnership persisted through the merger of Astra Pharmaceuticals with Zeneca to form AstraZeneca AB in 1999. QPRI was renamed AstraZeneca R&D Brisbane, then evolved into the Natural Product Discovery Unit (NPD), and finally moved under the aegis of the Eskitis Institute for Cell and Molecular Therapies

Virtual Library Resource absch-vlr-scbd-263816-1
16 янв 2023 CABI Switzerland's Best Practice for Access and Benefit Sharing Compliance

Contents 1. CABI’s ABS Policy and Best Practices 1 1.1 How CABI uses genetic material 1 1.2 Benefits CABI provides from its use of genetic material 2 2. Swiss legislation in relation to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) 2 3. CABI’s Best Practices and implementation in Switzerland 2 3.1 Accessing genetic resources for use (in situ) 3 3.2 Receiving biological and genetic resources from collaborators, collections or other providers (ex situ) 5 3.3 Transferring genetic material and/or resources outside of CABI 5 3.4 Enforcement and compliance 5 Annex 1: A glossary of useful terms and their definitions 6 Annex 2. Decision tree outlining the general steps of the CABI best practice. 8 Annex 3. CABI genetic resources database with an example entry 9 Annex 4. CABI generic MTA for supply of genetic resources 10

17 дек 2022 BROGOTA PROJECT ABS AROUND THE WORLD: The Brazilian law contrasted with international regulations (Dec 2022)

New updated edition of this comprehensive global survey of national ABS regulations, highlights the continuous progress in the establishment and implementation of national ABS regulations around the world.

Virtual Library Resource absch-vlr-scbd-262696-3
12 дек 2022 Wellcome Sanger Institute Best Practice - the Nagoya Protocol and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)

This document has been produced in order to provide assurance to Nagoya Protocol member states, regulators, researchers, collaborators and peers, that the Wellcome Sanger Institute has initiated and carries out appropriate processes and procedures to enable compliance with global Access and Benefit Sharing (hereafter; ABS) measures and compliance with the UK ABS legislation5 implementing the Nagoya Protocol1 for scientific research undertaken. Within this document are the tools, processes and procedures, comprising Institute policy, that when employed correctly staff and associates of the Wellcome Sanger Institute can be confident that they are conducting their research in accordance with the UK ABS legislation and in turn, ABS legislation in force globally.