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06 Nov 2018
About Legislative, Administrative or Policy Measures (MSR)

IntroductionArticle 14 paragraph 2 (a) of the Nagoya Protocol provides that Parties shall make avail

05 Jul 2018
How does the ABS Clearing-House benefit the indigenous people and local communities and how can they contribute?

Indigenous people and local communities (IPLCs) may use the ABS Clearing-House to share information

05 Jul 2018
Why is important for Governments to publish national information in the ABS Clearing-House?

By publishing national information on the ABS Clearing-House, Parties to the Nagoya Protocol and oth

05 Jul 2018
Where can I find which countries have published their national measures in the ABS-CH?

There are a couple ways you can find national measures in the ABS Clearing-House: In the "Search the

31 May 2018
Why is important to provide courtesy translations of the information submitted?

The purpose of including information in the ABS Clearing-House is mainly for:providing information t