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19 Feb 2024
How do I search for certificates (IRCCs) issued to users in my country?

The ABS Clearing-House search filters make it easy to look for IRCCs

17 Feb 2022
For the ABS permit, should I apply to the provider country or the country where the genetic resources are being utilized?

In principle an ABS permit is granted by the country where the genetic resources are accessed as evi

19 Feb 2019
Do I need to acquire an IRCC before I patent a product based on a genetic resource from a country that is not a Party to the Nagoya Protocol?

Regardless of whether a country is a Party to the Nagoya Protocol or not, countries have sovereign r

08 Nov 2018
The flow of information through the ABS Clearing-House to support monitoring the utilization of genetic resources

STEP 1: Issuing a national permit or its equivalent and constituting the Internationally Recognized

08 Nov 2018
Key entities and concepts involved in monitoring genetic resources through the ABS Clearing-House

The information below provides an overview of the key entities and concepts involved in monitoring g

06 Nov 2018
About the Internationally Recognized Certificate of Compliance

Parties requiring prior informed consent (PIC) are to provide for the issuance of a permit or its eq

06 Jul 2018
Who can issue an IRCC?

Under the Protocol, competent national authorities (CNAs) are the entities designated to be responsi

31 May 2018
Why is it important to provide courtesy translations of the information submitted?

The purpose of including information in the ABS Clearing-House is mainly for:providing information t

31 May 2018
What if information for the checkpoint communiqué (CPC) or internationally recognized certificate of compliance (IRCC) contains confidential information?

It is the role of the publishing authority to ensure that no confidential information is entered int

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