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16 Oct 2018
Are Parties required by the Protocol to have a national ABS Clearing-House?

Developing a national ABS Clearing-House is not a requirement of the Protocol. However, if a country

10 Oct 2018
Who is the ABS Clearing-House for?

Parties and Non-PartiesBy publishing national information on the ABS Clearing-House, Parties to the

06 Jul 2018
Do provider countries need to designate checkpoints?

All countries are encouraged to designate checkpoints.  As you can imagine they are especially impor

06 Jul 2018
What is the reporting period for which the Interim National Report is applicable?

There is no specific reporting period for the Interim National Report, it is meant to assess the lev

06 Jul 2018
How do I ensure adherence to Nagoya Protocol when accessing genetic resource from a country? How do I access a genetic resources?

Compliance with domestic legislation and regulatory requirements on ABS are covered in Article 15 of

01 Jun 2018
Why is important for Governments to publish national information in the ABS Clearing-House?

By publishing national information on the ABS Clearing-House, Parties to the Nagoya Protocol and oth

31 May 2018
How do I designate a publishing authority (PA) or a national authorized user (NAU) for my country and what are their functions?

Designation of the PAThe national focal point (NFP) on access and benefit-sharing is to communicate

31 May 2018
How do I fill the checkpoint communiqués when there is no information on PIC or MAT?

If the user of a genetic resource has no information on PIC and MAT, the checkpoint can still collec

31 May 2018
How can the ABSCH be used to monitor the use of genetic resources?

To support monitoring the utilization of genetic resources,  information is processed through the AB

31 May 2018
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