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31 May 2023
What kind of help is available to use the ABS Clearing-House?

The ABS Clearing-House (ABSCH) provides various help tools to assist with website navigation and performing various tasks.

24 May 2023
The country I am interested in has not yet designated an ABS National Focal Point, who can I contact?

In the case a country has not yet designated a ABS National Focal Point you may try to contact the C

23 Mar 2023
What is the process to publish reference records on the ABSCH?

STEP 1: Sign-in or Sign-up for a CBD Account Don't have an account? Sign up: A CBD account is n

12 Aug 2022
How do I share search results and published records with others? (video)

The “Share” feature of the Search page allows users to share search results with others.

17 Feb 2022
For the ABS permit, should I apply to the provider country or the country where the genetic resources are being utilized?

In principle an ABS permit is granted by the country where the genetic resources are accessed as evi

17 Feb 2022
Where and how can I compare information submitted by countries through their interim national reports?

The national report analyzer is a tool that allows you to select specific sections or questions of t

17 Feb 2022
Accessing GR in a country that is not Party to the Protocol? What are my obligations?

Regardless of whether a country is a Party to the Nagoya Protocol, users of genetic resources must comply with national ABS requirements.

17 Feb 2022
Is there a fee to become a Party to the Nagoya Protocol?

Parties to the Convention and the Protocols are required to pay annual assessed contributions, which

23 Nov 2021
What are Email Alerts and “My saved searches”? (video)

 “My saved searches” feature, available on the Search page, allows users to store search filter sele

23 Nov 2021
Where can I find information on National Reports?

The information and formats on National Reports can be accessed in several places:On the Dashboard o

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