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23 Nov 2021
Submitting information with no internet access or poor internet connectivity

Common formats in MS Word may be downloaded, completed and submitted, duly signed, to the Secretaria

23 Nov 2021
How do I delete a published record? (video)

You can delete a published or a draft record at any time through the Submit page.

23 Nov 2021
How do I edit an already published record? (video)

You can edit a record that you have published from the Submit page or the Search page.

23 Nov 2021
How can I save a record as a draft?

Draft records in any category may be saved for access at a later date:In the “Submission form”, clic

23 Nov 2021
How do I cancel a record that I submitted for publication? (video)

Once a record has been submitted for publication, it cannot be edited but it can be cancelled.

23 Nov 2021
How do I submit and publish a new record in the clearing-house? (video)

How to submit “National Records” and "Reference Records".

23 Nov 2021
What is the general process for submitting a record?

Records are submitted through the Dashboard of the Submit page. To access the Submit page, registere

23 Nov 2021
What is the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is your personal workspace and is accessible through the Submit page. It provides an o

23 Nov 2021
Language settings

Records in the Clearing-House can be submitted in any of the six official languages

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