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30 May 2019
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08 Nov 2018
The flow of information through the ABS Clearing-House to support monitoring the utilization of genetic resources

STEP 1: Issuing a national permit or its equivalent and constituting the Internationally Recognized

08 Nov 2018
Key entities and concepts involved in monitoring genetic resources through the ABS Clearing-House

The information below provides an overview of the key entities and concepts involved in monitoring g

19 Oct 2018
About the Competent National Authority (CNA)

Under Article 13 of the Nagoya Protocol, each Party shall designate one or more competent national authority

16 Oct 2018
Are Parties required by the Protocol to have a national ABS Clearing-House?

Developing a national ABS Clearing-House is not a requirement of the Protocol. However, if a country

15 Oct 2018
Step-by-step guides

The Secretariat has prepared step-by-step guides to provide detailed instructions to assist with usi

15 Oct 2018
Interim National Report on the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol

Submission of the interim national reportIn decision NP-1/3, paragraph 4, the Conference of the Part

15 Oct 2018
Training and workshops

The CBD Secretariat organizes webinars, trainings and workshops to build capacity for the use of the

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