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13 Nov 2018
About National Contacts (CON)

National contacts are not a stand-alone national records (they do not show up in the search or count

13 Nov 2018
About the National Model Contractual Clause (NMCC)

Model contractual clauses developed by countries and published under this will be clearly visible in the search and country profiles.

13 Nov 2018
About Model Contractual Clauses, Codes of Conduct, Guidelines, Best Practices and/or Standard (A19A20)

IntroductionArticles 19 and 20 of the Protocol require each Party to encourage, as appropriate, the

12 Nov 2018
About Community Protocols and Procedures and Customary Law

Article 12, paragraph 1, of the Nagoya Protocol provides that Parties, in implementing their obligat

12 Nov 2018
About the Capacity-Building Initiative

IntroductionArticle 22 of the Nagoya Protocol provides that Parties shall cooperate in the capacity-

12 Nov 2018
About Organization

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12 Nov 2018
About the Virtual Library Resources

The Virtual Library of the ABS Clearing-House hosts a number of resources which are relevant to ABS

12 Nov 2018
About the Interim National Reports on the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol (NR)

Article 29 of the Nagoya Protocol provides that each Party shall monitor the implementation of its obligations under the Protocol, and shall, at intervals and in the format to be determined by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Protocol (COP-MOP), report to the COP-MOP on measures that it has taken to implement the Protocol.

12 Nov 2018
About the Checkpoint

The submission form is to be used for registering information on checkpoints designated under Article 17

12 Nov 2018
About National Websites or Databases

Please fill in the submission form and complete all fields following the instructions given. Certain

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