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Checkpoint (CP)

last updated: 04 Jul 2016
General Information
Federal Agency for Nature Conservation
Checkpoint Responsibilities

As the Competent National Authority in Germany, the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation is responsible for:

  • Receipt of due diligence declarations from users at two different points in time: at the research funding stage as well as at the stage of final development of a product,
  • Ad-hoc and scheduled monitoring of users of genetic resources and of traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources,
  • Intervention and where necessary imposition of sanctions in the event of failure by users to comply with due diligence, declaration or cooperation obligations.
  • National / Federal
Authority/ies to receive courtesy copies of checkpoint communiqués
The contacts indicated below will receive email copies of checkpoint communiqués containing the information collected or received and published from this checkpoint.
All Competent National Authorities designated for Germany have been selected to automatically receive checkpoint communiqués by email published from this checkpoint.
No additional authorities have been selected to receive the automatic email copies of checkpoint communiqués published from this checkpoint.
Additional Information
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