Where can I find sample ABS Guidelines/Directives/Regulations? | About ABSCH | Access and Benefit-Sharing Clearing-House

Where can I find sample ABS Guidelines/Directives/Regulations?

There are various ways to find sample ABS measures. First, you can browse national measures in the Country Profiles (https://absch.cbd.int/countries).  Click “MSR” in the grey bar above the country list and you will see all countries that have published legislative, administrative and policy measures relating to ABS. Country profiles contain all the information on ABS made available by a country, and can be useful for understanding the national legal framework and the specific institutional structures in place.  

In addition, you can find related information in the Reference Records, in the section called "Model contractual clauses, codes of conduct, guidelines, best practices and/or standard": https://absch.cbd.int/search/referenceRecords?schema=modelContractualClause.

Why do I see regional measures in my country profile, but not in my Records Management Centre?

Regional regulations show up in the Country Profile of all Parties in the respective region.  For example, the EU regulations show up in the Country Profiles of all EU Member States under Legislative, Administrative and Policy Measures (MSR), in addition to any national records.  This is in order that a user may see all applicable legislation in one place, both domestic and regional.  The regional measures can only be edited by the country who has the regional authority to published the measure, in this case the EU.