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Tips to effectively communicate your national information on the ABS Clearing-House

  24 мая 2019

1. Provide translation in more than one UN language:  Did you know that records can be published in more than one language? One of the most effective ways to ensure information is easily accessible to a wider audience is to publish information in more than one official United Nations language.

2. Clearly identify the key elements in ABS MeasuresBy completing the section on “key elements related to ABS” in the submission form, countries can share reliable information on national measures and clearly identify how each measure addresses key elements related to access, benefit-sharing and/or compliance.

3. Clearly specify the roles and responsibilities of each Competent National AuthorityPublishing information on a country’s competent national authority helps potential users to identify who the responsible government entity is for granting access to genetic resources.

4. Publish ABS Procedures Most of the users of the ABS Clearing-House come to the website looking for simple and straightforward guidance on the steps required to gain access to genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge. By making your ABS Procedures available on the ABS Clearing-House, you can help potential users understand and navigate your national ABS systems, and therefore promote compliance with your national ABS requirements.

5. Publish national model contractual clauses: Model contracts can assist in the development of agreements that are consistent with national ABS requirements and may reduce transaction costs.

6. Publish information on ABS permits to constitute Internationally Recognized Certificate of CompliancePublishing ABS Procedures indicating the steps needed to obtain an ABS permits or it equivalent is the key step to promoting compliance with your national ABS system. However, once user are granted their national permit the next step is to make part of this information available to constitute a internationally recognized certificate of compliance on the ABS Clearing-House in order to facilitate the system for monitoring utilization when it occurs outside your jurisdiction. Countries that are facing challenges in publishing their ABS permits or who are interested in connecting their national permitting systems or websites with the ABS Clearing-House to share data are encouraged to contact the Secretariat for assistance



For more information on how to publish information have a look at all our handy step-by-step guides here: https://absch.cbd.int/about/guides.