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What is the ABS Clearing-House?

 09 Oct 2018 20:29

In practical terms, ABS Clearing-House is a website, administered by the CBD Secretariat and established by Article 14 of the Nagoya Protocol. It is designed to enable Parties, but also non-Parties, indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), international and non-governmental organizations, research institutions and businesses to make information relevant to ABS available in a standardized, and open and organized global repository.  The Protocol identifies essential information, as well as additional information to be made available through the ABS Clearing-House,  in an standardized, open and organized way, in order to enhance certainty, clarity and transparency in access and benefit-sharing. 

Facts about the ABS Clearing-House

  • It is a website and global repository of ABS information
  • It is designed to be user-friendly and interoperable with other websites
  • It shares information, published by Parties as well as others, to facilitate ABS and the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol