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The Global Workshop on Monitoring the Utilization of Genetic Resources under the Nagoya Protocol

  09 déc. 2019

As Parties advance on the implementation of the Protocol, the Global Capacity-Building Workshop on Monitoring the Utilization of the Genetic Resources under the Protocol, held Bonn from 30 September to 2 October 2019, provided a crucial opportunity to raise awareness, build capacity and share practical experiences regarding  monitoring the utilization of genetic resources which presents a particular challenge for many countries.

The workshop was organized by the SCBD in collaboration ABS Capacity Building Initiative and the UNDP Global GEP Project on ABS.  The workshop was financially supported by the Government of Japan, through the Japan Biodiversity Fund, the European Union, and the Government of Germany. 

The first day of the workshop focused on providing participants with a basis and common understanding of the key concepts that play a role in monitoring utilization of genetic resources set out in the provisions of the Protocol. The second day was dedicated to sharing experiences and approaches by countries in the implementation of these concepts. The third day participants were given time to reflect on what they had learned, discuss solutions, and think about how they would use the new information gathered at the workshop to improve their national ABS systems.

The workshop was attended by 68 participants, representing 54 different countries. For more information, a complete list of documents and presentations for this workshop, including the report of the meeting is available on the meeting website at: https://www.cbd.int/meetings/NP-CB-WS-2019-01.

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