Vigilancia de la utilización de recursos genéticos a través del Centro de Intercambio de Información sobre APB | About ABSCH | Access and Benefit-Sharing Clearing-House
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Monitoring the utilization of genetic resources through the ABS Clearing-House


Provisions of the Nagoya Protocol work together to create a system to monitor utilization of genetic resources. The goal of this system is to inform and alert the appropriate authorities in both the provider country (country granting access to the genetic resource) and user country (country where the utilization is taking place), on events related to the utilization of genetic resources. The ABS Clearing-House forms part of a feedback loop that allows, in particular, provider countries access to the information related to the utilization of their genetic resources even when utilization happens outside of their jurisdiction. The information made available to the ABS Clearing-House can be used to help assess whether the user is utilizing the genetic resource in compliance with the ABS requirements and domestic regulations of the provider country and can help to ensure the resulting benefits are being duly shared. 

Parties are required to establish certain entities that play an important role to support the system to monitor the utilization of genetic resources set out by the Protocol. To successfully operationalise the monitoring system facilitated by the ABS Clearing-House, each Party must implement the Nagoya Protocol effectively at a national level and make available the required information to the ABS Clearing-House.