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About the Virtual Library Resources

  12 Nov 2018

The Virtual Library of the ABS Clearing-House hosts a number of resources which are relevant to ABS and the Nagoya Protocol. This includes, among others, general literature on ABS and the Nagoya Protocol, awareness-raising materials, case studies, videos, capacity-building resources, etc.

The Virtual Library can be a space where knowledge, lessons learned and best practices are shared to support capacity-building for the effective implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.


Please fill in the submission form and complete all fields following the instructions given. Certain fields are mandatory and indicated with an asterisk(*). The review of the form will highlight the mandatory fields that need to be filled before it is possible to publish the record. The record can be saved as a draft. Frequently saving of records is recommended, especially in case of intermittent internet connections.

It is possible to introduce information one of the six official UN languages. Select languages using the button located at the top left of the page and for each submission field, a text boxes will appear in the languages selected.


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