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What is “inline” record creation and how do I create a record inline? (video)

  23 Nov 2021

Completion of the online “Submission form” for specific record types may require reference(s) to other record(s). For example, entering of additional contacts, associated risk assessments, genetic elements, or decisions may be required before a record can be submitted. If the associated record is already published in the Clearing-House, users can simply select it from a provided list and attach it to the new record submission. If the associated record does not exist, users can create it directly within the main “Submission form”. This is called “inline” record creation. 

1. In the “Submission form” of various formats where you can add referenced record(s), you will see buttons below the respective fields with a ‘+’. For example (in BCH): +Add record(s), +Contact or +Genetic element, and others.

2. When you click on one of those buttons, a pop-up box will open displaying all corresponding records published in the Clearing-House.

3. Search for the required record in that pop-up box. Tip: use the “Search” free text box. You can also change the view from ‘List’ to ‘Table’ by using the buttons on the right.

4. If the record is found: click the check-box next to the record and then click on the Select button. That record will be added on the main “Submission form” in the respective field. You can add as many records as you need.

Tip:  You can preview a record of interest from the “inline” pop-up box by clicking on it.

5. If the record is not found: click on the Create button (it will also include the name of the record type, for example Create Living Modified Organism in BCH). An inline “Submission form” will appear. Fill in the form. 

You can create as many records inline as you need.

Important remarks: 

  • During “inline” record creation, the same rules for submitting and publishing National and Reference Records apply to various user roles. If the user does not have the authority to publish the record, the record created “inline” will still be added to the “Submission form” of the current record but will have a “pending approval” status. Users can continue with the submission process of the main record (no need to save it as a draft and return to it at a later time). The record created inline that is “pending approval” will appear as a draft in the main record, as well as on your Dashboard. Its status will change once the record is published. 
  • Contacts (CON) are the only records that can be published by any registered user. But they are searchable only if they are referenced in other records.

If you have more questions, please chat with us by clicking on the Chat icon located at the bottom right corner, or contact us at bch@cbd.int / absch@cbd.int

Please also watch the video below, created in-house by the Secretariat:

How to create a record INLINE

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