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23 Nov 2021
Where can I find information on National Reports?

The information and formats on National Reports can be accessed in several places:On the Dashboard o

23 Nov 2021
How do I create an account and become a registered user?

Any person can have a CBD account which will give her/him access to submit information in all CBD cl

16 Oct 2018
Are Parties required by the Protocol to have a national ABS Clearing-House?

Developing a national ABS Clearing-House is not a requirement of the Protocol. However, if a country

05 Jul 2018
How do I nominate / change a National Focal Point ?

In accordance with our rules and procedures, the nomination of, or any change in, the National Focal

31 May 2018
Who is the ABSCH for?

Parties and Non-PartiesBy publishing national information on the ABSCH, Parties to the Nagoya Protoc

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