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My country has a national ABS system, database or clearing-house, how can I make the information available on the ABS-CH and vice-versa?

  06 Jul 2018

It is possible to directly exchange information between the ABS Clearing-House and your national system, database or clearing-house for a particular country. The ABS Clearing-House has an application programming interface (API), which is the main mechanism for exchanging information between computer systems. Using the API a computer programmer can set up a system where information placed or updated on a national database (or clearing-house) will automatically be added/updated in the ABS Clearing-House, or vice-versa.

If you are a programmer and would like to link your national ABS system to the ABS Clearing-House, please contact the Secretariat at: absch@cbd.int.

The CBD Secretariat API documentation can be found here: https://scbd.github.io/. We also have an example repository on GitHub which includes all API schema definitions https://github.com/scbd/api-examples.

  1. All ABS schemas can be found under ABS folder at: https://github.com/scbd/api-examples/tree/master/schema-definitions/Abs
  2. We have some common definitions  for all schemas which are under custom-definitions: https://github.com/scbd/api-examples/tree/master/schema-definitions/custom-definitions
  3. You will also need to reference the Thesaurus API which is used to load the predefined list for e.g. Permit Usages, Permit Keywords etc.  The Thesaurus call is grouped by common format. Please see https://github.com/scbd/api-examples/blob/master/schema-definitions/thesaurusAPICalls

For testing purpose, your developers will need to register with https://accounts.cbddev.xyz. We will then provide the user account with appropriated development roles. The developers should use https://api.cbddev.xyz/ service URL for testing; for production it will be https://api.cbd.int/. The  ABS Clearing-House is  an open-source project which is available on https://github.com/scbd/absch.cbd.int. The Clearing-House website uses its own API to transmit all information to the CBD Secretariat's database. 

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