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What if information for the checkpoint communiqué (CPC) or internationally recognized certificate of compliance (IRCC) contains confidential information?

  31 May 2018

It is the role of the publishing authority to ensure that no confidential information is entered into the ABS Clearing-House.  When mandatory or required information for the checkpoint communiqués (CPC) or an internationally recognized certificate of compliance (IRCC) does contain confidential information, the submission forms for the CPC and IRCC have been designed to be flexible enough to still allow the publication of the record without giving away confidential information. The mandatory fields for these forms either will include a checkbox that can be used to declare the information is confidential and therefore not required or the field will be a free text field  which allows the submitter to use their discretion and provide some useful information that is not confidential. This is particularly important for the CPC, since the more specific the information that is provided, the easier it will be for the relevant authorities and providers of the genetic resource to understand the information and to assess whether the user of the genetic resource is using the genetic resource in accordance with PIC and MAT,  to locate the national permit when one exists, and to see whether benefits are being duly shared.