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I want to know more about national authorities receiving the checkpoint communiqués issued by my country’s checkpoints

  31 May 2018

In accordance with Article 17, paragraph 1, (a)(iii) information collected or received by the checkpoint needs to be provided to relevant national authorities, to the Party providing prior informed consent and to the ABS Clearing-House, as appropriate.

Countries need to identify who are the national authority/ies that will receive the information collected or received by the country’s checkpoints and communicated to the ABS Clearing-House through the checkpoint communiqué (CPC). 


For example, a patent office can be designated as a checkpoint in terms of implementation of Article 17 of the Protocol (monitoring the utilization of genetic resources), but you may decide that the NFP, the CNA or any other authority receives all the checkpoint communiqués issued with the information coming from the patent office.  


The authority/ies receiving the checkpoint communiqués will have information necessary to enable them to follow-upon the use of genetic resources within their jurisdiction and therefore the could potentially play a role in implementing Article 15 of the Protocol (compliance with domestic legislation or regulatory requirements on ABS), including in:


  • Taking measures to ensure that genetic resources utilized within its jurisdiction have been accessed in accordance with the ABS measures of the Party providing the genetic resources;
  • Taking appropriate, effective and proportionate measures to address situations of non-compliance with measures adopted, and
  • Cooperating in cases of alleged violation of domestic ABS measures.


The identification of the national authorities can be done in the form or common format for registering checkpoints.

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