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Designating or updating the Publishing Authority (PA) or National Authorized Users (NAUs)

  24 Nov 2021

The User Management page is accessible through the Submit page and allows National Focal Points (NFPs) to add or edit ABS Publishing Authorities (PAs) or National Authorized Users (NAUs). 

When adding a new NAU or PA, you will be asked to enter the e-mail address of the person to be nominated. The system will automatically search for any match in the list of registered users. If the new user is not yet registered, it will ask for further details. Whether the user is new or already registered, the system will present you a list of roles that can be added.

Note that once a role is added or modified  an automatic e-mail message is sent to the user notifying them of their role(s) and a link to updating their profile or reset their password.

Online Instructions:

  1. Sign in to the Submit page.
  2. Click on the User Management tab.
  3. To add a new PA/NAU: click on the Add Authorized User button and then follow the online instructions.
  4. To edit an PA/NAU role: click on the ‘list’ icon. Then follow the online instructions.
  5. To delete an PA/NAU: click on the ‘trash bin’ icon.

Offline instructions:

  1. Download and complete the following form (MS word doc file):  ar | en | es | fr | ru | zh
  2. Send completed form by email to absch@cbd.int
  3. Receive confirmation of changes by email from the Secretariat.


Click here to watch a video on how to use  User Management

If you are having trouble using the online user management tool you can always contact us (absch@cbd.int) for assistance.

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