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Where can I find information on National Reports?

  23 Nov 2021

National Reports can be found:

  • On the Search page.


  • On the National Report Analyzer page. On the top navigation bar, click on Search and then on “National Report Analyzer”. The National Report Analyzer tool allows users to perform various analyses of the information contained in the reports. You can open the report from the National Report Analyzer. To do so:
    1. In “National Report” drop down list, select the report of interest.
    2. In “Geographical areas” drop down list, select “Select countries”.
    3. Click on the country(ies) of interest, and then click on the Close button.
    4. Click on the Analyze button. An analysis report will appear.
    5. In the column to the right, click on the country name and then on the country code (for example: click on Belarus and then on BY). The report will open.

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