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Where can I find a country’s ABS measures?

  12 Jun 2018

The most convenient way to find national information on the ABS Clearing-House is through the country profiles (https://absch.cbd.int/countries/). The country profile contains all national information relevant to ABS made available by a country, including National Focal Point (NFP), Competent National Authority (CNA),  legislative, administrative or policy measures on access and benefit-sharing (MSR), and ABS procedures (PRO).  However, many Parties are in various stages of developing their legal framework for ABS and making that information available on the ABS Clearing-House.  In the case that you do not find the national information you are searching for, we suggest to contact the NFP or the CNA.  

The ABS National Focal Point is designated to liaise with the Secretariat and make information available on procedures for accessing genetic resources and establishing mutually agreed terms (MAT).  The competent national authority is responsible for granting access, among other things, and for advising on applicable procedures and requirements for obtaining prior informed consent (PIC) and entering into MAT.

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