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  15 Oct 2018

The search page is where you will find all available information on the ABS Clearing-House. On the search page, records are organized into three categories (national records, reference records and SCBD records) and displayed in separate tabs. All record categories can be searched simultaneously by using a combination of free-text filters and predefined filters. By default, no filters are set and all records are displayed under each record category tab. The search results can be narrowed down using combinations of filters giving users the flexibility to retrieve a very wide or a very narrow set of results. The filters available are: free text (user entered text), record type, Party status, keywords, countries, regions and groups and the date the record was published.

Each time a filter is selected, the search will be executed and the active filter will appear at the top of search page. Simply click on an active filter to remove it from the search. On the same page, below the filters, you will find the search results. The search results are separated by record category and displayed under separate tabs. This is done to maintain a clear distinction between categories of records with a view to reduce the possibility confusing a national record, submitted by the government, with a reference record, which can be submitted by any registered user. Records are also color-coded to reinforce its record category: 

  • Records in blue = national records
  • Records in orange = reference records
  • Records in grey = CBD Scretariat managed records

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