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12 Aug 2022
How do I share search results and published records with others? (video)

The “Share” feature of the Search page allows users to share search results with others.

23 Nov 2021
What are Email Alerts and “My saved searches”? (video)

 “My saved searches” feature, available on the Search page, allows users to store search filter sele

23 Nov 2021
Where can I find information on National Reports?

The information and formats on National Reports can be accessed in several places:On the Dashboard o

23 Nov 2021
Reporting a problem with a record in the clearing-house (video)

If you find an issue with a record that was published in the Clearing-House, you can alert the Secretariat thro

23 Nov 2021
How do I use the Date filter?

The Date filter appears as the Global Filter on top of the Search page and also as a Sub-filter for

23 Nov 2021
Removing filters

There are several ways to remove Global Filters:Each Global Filter you select will appear above the

23 Nov 2021
Displaying search results

Grouping and SortingThe buttons located on the top to the right of the Search page allow users to se

23 Nov 2021
What does the “Compare” button mean? (video)

The Compare button is seen when you open a record on the Search page or from the summary list that i

23 Nov 2021
Viewing record history (video)

You can view the history of a record either through the Dashboard or in Search.

23 Nov 2021
How can I search by Record Number? (video)

The record number is a part of the record unique identification (UID) code. It is a unique number th

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