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Country profiles

  15 Oct 2018

One of the most convenient ways to access national information in the ABS Clearing-House is through the country profiles. Each country profile contains all the national information that has been made available by that country and it can provide information on the institutional structures and legislative, administrative or policy measures in place for implementing the Nagoya Protocol. 

The national records, available through a country's profile, contain information that has been validated by the country's publishing authority (PA). The PA is responsible for authorizing the publication of all national records registered in the ABS Clearing-House, ensuring that the information made available in the ABS Clearing-House is complete, relevant and up-to-date; and, ensuring that no confidential information is published in the ABS Clearing-House.

Clicking on "Country Profiles" in the main navigation bar will take you to a map and list of countries. The list of countries includes information on the number of national records each country has made available. This information can be sorted and grouped by party status and/or regions and regional groups in order to help report on the number of Parties and number and type information made available for a certain region. You can click on a country from the list or the map to open the country's profile.

The national records in a country's profile are grouped into sections by their record type. Each section can be expanded by clicking the record type title or adjacent plus (+) sign, to reveal the complete list of records. The country's profile also provides additional information related to ratification, such as, the country’s Party status and dates of ratification and entry into force, when applicable.

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