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What is the process to publish reference records on the ABSCH?

  23 Mar 2023

STEP 1: Sign-in or Sign-up for a CBD Account 

Don't have an account? Sign up: A CBD account is needed to be able to submit information on the ABS Clearing-House. If you don't have a CBD account please sign-up here: accounts.cbd.int/signup. After filling the simple form, you will automatically be emailed a link to use to confirm your account. A CBD account enables you to register reference records in the ABS Clearing-House . Click here to create a CBD account.

Already have an account? Sign-in: Simply click "sign-in" at the top-left of the screen to sign into the ABS Clearing-House . 

STEP 2: Submit reference records

Once signed in, click the "submit" link in the main navigation bar, to access your dashboard where you can choose the type of record you wish to submit. Complete the form and click “Publish”.  The CBD Secretariat acts as the publishing authority for reference records and is responsible for ensuring reference records are complete and relevant before  publication in the ABS Clearing-House. Once you click “publish” the Secretariat should have the record published online within a few days. You should receive an email when the record is made available on the clearing-house.

If you would like to update the record, find your record in through the dashboard and simply edit the record to make changes and publish it again. The Secretariat will receive the request and publish the updated record with in a few days. 

Need Help?

Submitting information in the ABS Clearing-House should be easy. The CBD Secretariat operates a help desk to provide on-demand technical support, answer questions and receive feedback. The CBD Secretariat can also provide online webinars and face-to-face training. Please contact us (absch@cbd.int) for more information.

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