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Nagoya Protocol - E-Learning Courses

  11 Sep 2023

Not sure what ABS is all about or need to refresh your memory?

Having trouble figuring out national information-sharing obligations, how monitoring utilization works, or what is the ABS Clearing-House is for? 

Working on establishing or updating your national ABS legal framework? 

If so, we encourage you take (and share with your friends and colleagues) the following e-learning courses available on the ABSCH:

  1. Introduction to Access and Benefit-sharing 
  2. Introduction to the ABS Clearing-House 
  3. Establishing Measures to implement the Nagoya Protocol 

These e-learning courses are available to everyone and are helpful to get familiar with ABS and Nagoya Protocol. These courses have been developed by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity in collaboration with the United Nations Staff College with support from the Japan Biodiversity Fund.

All courses can be accessed here: https://absch.cbd.int/en/kb/tags/elearning

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