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ABSCH Q&A Webinar - Monitoring utilization through the ABS Clearing-House

  13 Mar 2023

Every month we host a question and answer webinar on a different topic. This months topic is monitoring utilization of genetic resources through the ABS Clearing-House.  

Please send us your questions on monitoring and related ABS Clearing-House tools such as:

  • ABS permits,
  • Internationally Recognized Certificates of Compliance,
  • Checkpoints,
  • Checkpoint communiques.

For a quick introduction into monitoring genetic resources through the ABS Clearing-House please see the following video: https://absch.cbd.int/en/kb/tags/absch-announcement/Video-on-Monitoring-Utilization-of-Genetic-Resources-through-the-ABS-Clearing-House/5b05922ed763290001e1e437


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