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How can checkpoint communiqués facilitate the monitoring of genetic resources?

 31 May 2018 20:19
  Checkpoints communiqués (CPC)

The information collected or received by the checkpoints and distributed through the checkpoint communiqués will assist Parties in monitoring how the genetic resources are used within and outside of their jurisdiction. 

The country that provided a given genetic resource will be receiving information regarding how the genetic resource is being used thanks to the information collected by the checkpoints designated around the world by each of the Parties to the Protocol. This information allows countries to determine whether the use happens according to PIC and MAT and whether the benefits are being shared as foreseen in MAT.


Countries will also be receiving the information collected by their own designated checkpoints. This means that they will receive information on how genetic resources provided by other countries are being used within their own jurisdiction. 

Receiving the latter information can assist Parties to fulfill the obligations of Article 15 that provides that each Party shall take measures to provide that genetic resources utilized within its jurisdiction have been accessed in accordance with PIC and that MAT have been established. Each Party is also obliged to address situations of non-compliance with such measures. 

Parties can identify the relevant national authorities that will receive the information obtained or collected by the checkpoints within its jurisdiction and therefore that could potentially play a role for the implementation of Article 15 (compliance with domestic legislation or regulatory requirements on ABS).The identification of these national authorities is done through the form for registering a checkpoint.