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Internationally Recognized Certificates of Compliance (IRCC)

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last updated: 17 Nov 2022
General Information
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Details of the permit or its equivalent
Application in Form-III for seeking approval for the invention on “ A Formulation for Fast Recovery of Microbial Populations ” for obtaining IP rights in India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. 
Indian Patent Application No.- 4707/MUM/2015
14 Oct 2022
Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Information
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Confidential information
Confidential information
Mutually Agreed Terms (MAT) Information
1. The user shall notify NBA within 60 days from the date of grant of IPR and also assignment or license of the IPR if any, to any person. 
2. If the user himself commercializes the process/product/innovation, the monetary sharing shall be 0.2% on the annual gross ex-factory sale minus government taxes. 
3. The user shall inform NBA about any commercialization made on the IP Rights.
4. The user shall submit annual report to NBA as per the terms and conditions agreed upon. 
Subject-matter or genetic resource(s)
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Information on the utilization of the genetic resource(s)
Confidential information
1. If the user assigns/licenses the process/product/innovation to a third party for commercialization, the user shall pay to NBA 3.0% of the fee received (in any form including the license / assignee fee) and 2.0% of the royalty amount received annually from the assignee/licensee. 
2. In case the user assigns or transfers the IPR in whole or in part to any person, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, the user undertakes to attach this agreement as an appendix to the assignment instrument which shall be binding upon such person. 
Additional Information
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