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Competent National Authority (CNA)

published: 30 Apr 2015 last updated: 24 Jul 2020
General information
National Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries
473 Steve Biko Road
Gauteng Province
South Africa
  • +27 12 399 9611/8917/9612/9590
  • +27 12 359 3636
Legislative, administrative or policy basis for the competence of the Competent National Authority
  • ABSCH-MSR-ZA-202222-1 Legislative, Administrative or Policy Measure Regulations on Bio-Prospecting, Access and Benefit-Sharing
  • ABSCH-MSR-ZA-202223-1 Legislative, Administrative or Policy Measure National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act 2004
    To provide for the management and conservation of South Africa's biodiversity within the framework of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998; the protection of species and ecosystem that warrant national protection; the sustainable use of indigenous biological resources; the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from bioprospecting involving indigenous biological resources and the establishment and functions of a South African National Biodiversity Institute.
Summary of ABS Responsibilities
Responsible for all genetic resources. Only designated competent national authority (CNA) for the country.
Additional Information
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Internationally Recognized Certificates of Compliance Competent national authority (CNA) responsible for issuing this permit or its equivalent 43
Internationally Recognized Certificates of Compliance Name and contact details of the person or entity that holds the right to grant access to the genetic resources in accordance with domestic legislation 26