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  published:06 Feb 2020

How to publish ABS procedures on the ABS Clearing-House
This presentation was delivered as a webinar on publishing Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) procedures on the ABS Clearing-House (ABS-CH) held in February 2020 in English, French and Spanish. The webinar is aimed at strengthening capacities of ABS-CH Publishing Authorities and National Authorized Users to publish their ABS rules and procedures in the ABS-CH. ABS procedures are meant to provide simple and straightforward guidance to applicants seeking access to genetic resources and/or associated traditional knowledge through the steps required to access such resources or knowledge in the country. ABS procedures therefore provide very useful information to publish on a country profile page.
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    • 16. Nagoya Protocol on ABS
      • Key area 1: Capacity to implement and to comply with the obligation of the Protocol
      • 1.6 Employing the best available communication tools and Internet-based systems for ABS activities including providing information to the ABS Clearing-House
      • 2.7 Promoting compliance with domestic legislation or regulatory requirements on ABS
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