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27 Oct 2021

Traceability of DSI on GR

Webinar: Traceability of DSI on GR / Webinaire: Traçabilité des ISN des RG/ Seminario Web: Trazabilidad de la ISD de los RG


The Norway-South Africa Partnership on DSI, with technical support from the ABS Capacity Development Initiative, invites you to attend the abovementioned webinar. The first formal discussions on DSI in the context of the Post2020 Global Biodiversity Framework took place at OEWG 3.1 and will be continued by the Co-chairs’ Informal Advisory Group on DSI (DSI IAG) before the face-to-face negotiations planned for Geneva in January 2022. One main topic raised in the discussions dealt with the traceability of DSI. In the context of the bilateral ABS model of the Nagoya Protocol, traceability was regarded by some participants as essential to ensure sharing the benefits arising from the use of DSI with providers. But it was also mentioned that approaches to track and trace the use of DSI would pose significant administrative tasks for databanks and researchers without substantial benefit sharing in many cases. Participants also noted that multilateral approach for DSI benefit sharing would reduce the need for traceability.

Objective of the webinar is to contribute to a greater common understanding of:

1. The extent to which the discussed policy options for DSI benefit sharing would rely on traceability
2. Feasibility and points of departure in the existing global DSI system for traceability
3. Effectiveness of discussed approaches for tracking and tracing access to and use of DSI


Nov 2, 2021 01:00 PM in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna